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Update: I have found a job. I start at nvidia on May the 4th, 2015.

I hold a couple different affiliations these days. I am a:

I have previously been affiliated with the Universität des Saarlandes, the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (briefly), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (briefly), and the University of New Hampshire.

I did my masters and undergraduate work at the University of New Hampshire. My thesis committee consisted of Prof. Bergeron, Prof. Hatcher, and Prof. Childs. In January 2012, I began my Ph.D. with Jens Krüger at the Universität des Saarlandes, but shortly thereafter we moved up to the Ruhr area to form the HPC group at the Universität Duisburg-Essen.

My interests lie in parallel and distributed systems, particularly their application to large scale visualization. This has thus far been focused in multiresolution and in situ volume visualization.


If you notice any BibTeX errors, typos, etc. please contact me. Also, please note that these are my personal copies of papers, and may contain minor edits, changes, or reformatting as compared to the versions in published volumes (as one example, in our 2010 HPG paper I had screwed up a label in one of our graphs; it's printed wrong, but the paper here is correct). I will never make substantial changes, but "substantial" is entirely in my subjective opinion; if you want the original paper, get it from the publisher.
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short writeup FC BibTeX Poster World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

Notable Work


I am presently at NVIDIA and eventually finishing up my doctorate in Germany (with Jens Krüger).

I spent the summer of 2008 at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, working under the excellent guidance of Sean Ahern.

I spent summer 2007 in Livermore, California, working at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory on VisIt. Somehow I convinced them to provide a cluster, some parallel rendering libraries, and money, whilst all I had to do is play around with the software all day. I was extremely fortunate to work with the guidance of Hank Childs while I was out there.

At UNH, I was of course part of the computer science department. I also used to work for Dr. Raeder out of the physics department. To simplify greatly, I worked on various methods for visualizing large datasets. You can find out a lot about the types of things I worked on (or with) by Googling my name.

Sorry, I don't keep my resume online anymore. It was perpetually out of date, and rampaging killbots in the Octilian sector would scrape my email from it.


My username is `tfogal'. You should be able to figure out the domain associated with it by looking at the website you're visiting (hint: drop the "www."). I also use an address somewhat frequently. I seem to confuse many people with this. It's not a real address; it just forwards to my SCI email at present, and 10: someday when I must leave here it'll forward to wherever I go next. GOTO 10.