Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing

map3d-6-5The Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute and the Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing are proud to announce the release of map3d version 6.5!

This release includes a number of fixes and additions to the display settings for map3d and major new support for displaying time fiducials. The driving application for this was displaying maps of activation, recovery, start of QRS, etc., both as separate isochronal maps and superimposed on the scalar time series data. If you need this, you will love map3d's new capabilities.

More details about the new features are available in the map3d User's Guide under the "New Features" section. Users are encouraged to participate in the map3d community by joining the map3d-users mailing list. This forum is the place to report bugs, let us know how you are using map3d, or share your insight about how we could make it better. We also encourage members of the scientific community who use map3d in a paper, presentation, poster, or your latest T-shirt design, to let us know about it. We receive funding from the NIH to develop and maintain map3d and we can only do that as long as we show impact. Best of all is when references to map3d are included in acknowledgments sections and bibliographies.

R.S. MacLeod and C.R. Johnson. "Map3d: Interactive Scientific Visualization for Bioengineering Data." In IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 15th Annual International Conference, pages 30-31, IEEE Press, 1993.

Independent of whether a reference is included, we encourage authors to inform us of their publications that make use of map3d in any form.