Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing

Driving Biological Projects

An important strategy for our biomedical computing research and software development is to make our tools relevant for the broader biomedical community. Over the entire lifespan of the CIBC, we have sought out and enabled collaborations that drive our technical research and software development in image-based modeling, simulation, and visualization designated. During the era of the NIH P42 Center, this mechanism was formalized as Driving Biomedical Projects (DBPs) and below we highlight some DBP’s that drive the technical research and ensured that was relevant and had impact. By collaborating with these researchers, we helped them solve their specific problems, while at the same time generalizing our underlying techniques and software for use by the larger biomedical research community, with the goal of having the widest possible impact.

Microscopy and Small Scale Imaging

Large Scale Cardiac Confocal Imaging for Metabolic Injury in Ischemia

Collaborating Investigators: Rai Winslow, PhD., Johns Hopkins

Visualization and Analysis of Confocal Images in Transgenic Mouse Models

Collaborating Investigators: Gabrielle Kardon, PhD, University of Utah 

Biomechanics and Blood Flow

hip displaysia
Statistical and Biomechanical Analysis of Hip Dysplasia

Collaborating Investigators: Dr. Jeffrey Weiss, Dr. Andrew Anderson, University of Utah

Vascular Modelling and Blood Flow Simulation

Collaborating Investigators: Alison Marsden, PhD, University of California, San Diego 

Neuromodulation and Brain Source Localization

Clinical and Research Application of Transcranial Brain Stimulation

Collaborating Investigators: Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, Michael Fox, MD, PhD,
Mark Halko, PhD, Moushin Shafi, MD, Brad Manor PhD, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School

Simulation of Deep Brain Stimulation

Collaborating Investigators: Michael Okun, MD, Kelly Foote, MD, University of Florida 
pediatric epilepsy
Bayesian Source Imaging of Pediatric Epilepsy
Collaborating Investigator:
Simon Warfield, Director of the Computational Radiology Laboratory


Cardiac Arrhythmias and Ischemia

atrial fibrillation
Image-based Management of Atrial Fibrillation

Collaborating Investigators: Nassir Marrouche MD, Chris McGann MD, University of Utah

Image-based Modeling of Cardiac Tachyarrhythias

Collaborating Investigators: Natalia Trayanova, PhD, Johns Hopkins 

Completed DBPs:

Simulation of Electric Stimulation for Bone Growth
Collaborating Investigators: Roy Bloebaum, Brad Isaacson

small animal phenotyping
Image-Based Small-Animal Phenotyping

Collaborating Investigators: Charles Keller, MD, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Simulation of Cardiac Defibrillation 

Collaborating Investigators:
John Triedman, MD, Children's Hospital Boston
Matt Jolley, MD, Stanford University
Tom Pilcher, University of Utah

high resolution eeg
High-Resolution Source Imaging from EEG
Collaborating Investigator:
Dr. Don Tucker, Electrical Geodesics Inc. and University of Oregon
deep brain stimulation
Simulation of Deep Brain Stimulation
Collaborating Investigator:
Christopher R. Butson, Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin.
Dr. Butson is now a SCI Faculty member and Co-Investigator with CIBC.