Center for Integrative Biomedical Computing

An Introduction to SCIRun Class 2006

August 21  /  Northeastern University

Instructors: David Weinstein, J. Davison de St. Germain, Jeroen Stinstra
Assistant: Andrew Keely
Local Arrangements: Dana H. Brooks, David Kaeli
Computer Support: Lisa Koch and her team


This page contains links to the presentations and lab exercises used in a 1-day Introduction to SCIRun course held at Northeastern University. The attendees were a wide variety of researchers from a number of laboratories at Harvard Medical School hospitals, from University of Virginia, and from Northeastern University. The course consisted of a mix of lectures and two hands-on interactive laboratory exercises in which the students built, ran, and modified SCIRun networks to accomplish a number of tasks. The files below include both the slides used for the lectures and the handouts used to guide students through the laboratory exercises. (The handouts are located in the listing just below the slides which give an overview of that lab.) For the first lab we also supply the "answers", that is the three networks students built as they worked through the exercises, in the list of links below. At the bottom of the list of links are the overall schedule for the class as well as the evaluation form which was distributed to attendees.

Class Materials

  1. Introduction and Highlights
  2. SCIRun/BioPSE System Overview
  3. Lab 1: Visualization
    1. Lab 1 Classwork
    2. Net Files: [] [] []
  4. Sneak Preview of Next Generation SCIRun Features and Directions
  5. Download, Installation, and Support
  6. Matlab Interface
  7. Image Processing and Direct Volume Rendering
  8. Lab 2: MATLAB Bridge, Image Processing, and More Visualization
    1. Lab 2 Classwork
  9. Class Schedule
  10. Course Evaluation Form