Designed especially for neurobiologists, FluoRender is an interactive tool for multi-channel fluorescence microscopy data visualization and analysis.
Deep brain stimulation
BrainStimulator is a set of networks that are used in SCIRun to perform simulations of brain stimulation such as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and magnetic transcranial stimulation (TMS).
Developing software tools for science has always been a central vision of the SCI Institute.
 Md Hasibul Husain Hisham

Md Hasibul Husain Hisham - Graduate Research Assistant

WEB 2720
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supervisor Dr. Shireen Elhabian, Dr. Edward DiBella
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I am from Bangladesh, a beautiful country from South Asia, famous for its hospitality. I completed my BSc from Bangladesh University of Engineering & College (BUET) in Computer Science & Engineering (CSE). Besides working toward my PhD, I love to play sports, travel places, and try Asian cuisines.

Current Responsibilities

I am currently working in Professor Shireen Elhabian's lab on image analysis, being co-advised by Dr. Edward DiBella on image reconstruction project in MRI. My focus is on MRI faster image acquisition and reconstruction.

Research Interests

I am fascinated by the application of deep learning in various areas. My research experience covers Application from Deep Learning in Genomics to Statistical Modeling in Human-Computer Interaction problems. My research dream is to lead a team in the future where the team focuses on applying deep learning (preferably Computer Vision) to solve real life challenges which would eventually make people's life better.