Designed especially for neurobiologists, FluoRender is an interactive tool for multi-channel fluorescence microscopy data visualization and analysis.
Deep brain stimulation
BrainStimulator is a set of networks that are used in SCIRun to perform simulations of brain stimulation such as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) and magnetic transcranial stimulation (TMS).
Developing software tools for science has always been a central vision of the SCI Institute.

Biomedical Computing

Biomedical computing combines the diagnostic and investigative aspects of biology and medical science with the power and problem-solving capabilities of modern computing. Computers are used to accelerate research learning, simulate patient behavior and visualize complex biological models.


Chris Johnson

Inverse Problems
Computational Electrophysiology

Rob MacLeod

ECG Imaging
Cardiac Disease
Computational Electrophysiology

Jeff Weiss

Computational Biomechanics

Orly Alter

Computational Biology

Tamara Bidone

Computational Models
Simulations of Biological Systems
Multi-Physics Models of Cancer Cells


Amir Arzani

Cardiovascular biomechanics
Scientific machine learning

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